Are you waiting for interest rates to drop before you buy a house?

Are you waiting for the market to crash so you can buy at rock bottom prices?

What if we’re already there? What if houses are on sale and you can’t see it?

Two years ago interest rates were 2% lower and the price of a single family home was $100,000 higher.

What do you think will happen when rates go back down?

In general, when interest rates decrease, it can make it more affordable for people to borrow money for mortgages. This increased affordability can lead to greater demand for homes, which, in turn, may drive up housing prices.

Monthly payment today for a $400,000 mortgage at 5.84% is $65 less a month then it was two years ago when housing prices were higher.

If you can commit to staying in the house and paying down your mortgage rather than your landlords where is the risk?

Message me if you want to chat about getting into the market. If you are certain you know what’s going to happen with the housing market and are going to time things perfectly I would love to chat with you!

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